Lab-engineered Equine Cartilage Could Go To Trial in 2017

by | 02.18.2016 | 9:07am

A Canadian laboratory has engineered equine cartilage tissue that could undergo a live trial in horses next year.

About 4 millimeters in diameter, Thomas Koch of the Ontario Veterinary College is hopeful that the tiny piece of tissue will help horses that have cartilage injuries, which can potentially end an equine athlete's career. Damaged joint cartilage does not repair on its own and can lead to osteo-arthritis.

Doctoral student Sarah Lepage, working with Dr. Rita Kandel from the University of Toronto, is hoping to try the engineered cartilage in live horses next year. They are interested in finding out how the cartilage will hold up to the forces horses exert on their joints.

This topic will be of great interest to those involved in human medicine, as well, as human cartilage is about the same thickness as that in a horse.

Learn more about this groundbreaking work at HorseTalk.


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