Free $10K, 10Wins10 Game Extended To March 31

by | 02.16.2016 | 10:55am

J L Benson Stable owner, Joel Benson, announced today that his free online horse racing game, 10wins10, will be extended to March 31.

The unique online game developed to attract new millennial players to horse racing, offers a $10,000 prize that Benson has put up himself.

The free game at, calls for players to correctly select 10 straight pari-mutuel race winners. It features one horse race daily from Thoroughbred and Standardbred tracks in North America to select the winner in. The game includes a race program, tutorial instructions and professional handicapper tips to help beginners.

“The game has been so popular,” Benson said, “and with thousands of players competing I decided to extend it a few more weeks until March 31.”

The game came about from Benson's 40 years of consumer brand marketing as founder/CEO of EventNetUSA and his love for horse racing.

“Horse racing needs to educate a new, younger crowd, making them aware of the entertainment, social excitement, and wagering opportunities in horse racing,” stated Benson. “We have put up the $10,000 cash prize (and a $500 consolation prize if no-one reaches 10) to attract these people to racing, and get them to join us in coming out to the track. Now just two and a half weeks into the launch, we have two players with four win streaks going into today's race.

Registration is at and players have until midnight prior to the day of the race to make their winner selection.

“It is so heartfelt the countless number of emails and Facebook messages we have received.” Benson said. “Players from all over the world saying thank you for developing the game, and they are having fun playing. It's a feel good situation and I want to keep it going.

“As I have said before,” Benson added, “We need to encourage new fans to learn about horse racing and this game has worked so far. No gimmicks, no credit card, just be age 18 or over and sign up for the game.”

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